Foster an Animal

Our family of volunteers houses dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small animals until the animals find their forever homes.  Our love and passion for animals is why we have chosen a foster home environment versus having a physical shelter.  The benefits of this system are:

  • Reduced depression and anxiety for the pet
  • A smoother transition to a new home
  • Learning the pet's personality to help make a better match between pet and adopter
  • Working on socialization skills with other pets and people
  • Some basic obedience training from the foster parents
  • All fosters parents work to house or litter train the pets in their care
  • Providing TLC to ill or timid animals

We are always looking for volunteers and foster parents!  Consider fostering an animal for us until we can find a forever home for them.  We provide all the medical care.  You provide the loving home.  We can work with you to find an animal that will fit in your home. 

Click here for the dog foster application.
Click here for the cat foster application.
Click here for the small animal foster application.

Volunteer With Us

We don't require all of our volunteers to foster animals - there are lots of different types of help we need!
We currently need help with:

  • transporting dogs from and to our boarding facility and vet
  • transporting dogs from and to our boarding facility and adoption events on Saturdays
  • walking dogs in our boarding facility
  • staffing adoption events on Saturdays
  • setting up adoption events on Friday evenings
  • staffing for fundraising events
  • bakers to bake for bake sales
  • crafters to create items to sell at events

If you are interested in helping, please email or call Vicki at 574-400-5633.

Click here for the application to volunteer.